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Fin (Plus Outtakes with Spooky Spouses!)

A brief announcement, plus outtakes!


Mazes and Monsters

Oh JEEZE! I’m so sorry for the delayed blog y’all! Life got a bit crazy here for the Subverted Tropes team. Better late than never, right?

We were fortunate to be joined for this episode by the amazing team of Lindsey and Jordan Reed of Spooky Spouses. A podcast about ghosts n’ stuff.

Surprise best friends are the best of friends! Listen to our bestest friends!

As discussed – the advertising for this movie is out of control.

Exhibit 1: The original VHS artwork.
Exhibit 2: The VHS artwork once Tom Hanks’ career started taking off.
Exhibit 3: The ‘artwork’ created when the DVD was released, featuring a not-at-all from the movie Thomas Hanks, over a background that doesn’t actually reflect the film at all.

ALSO! A photo of this same blasphemous dvd art from Dan and Kate’s personal vacation to Rochester, NY- the home of the Strong Museum of Play!


And some more photos of that museum exhibit, because it’s pretty h*ckin cool. Also, the museum literally talks about the cultural panic that led to the creation of Mazes and Monsters.


Related Reading:

Dungeon Master‘ – William Dear – about the news story that Mazes and Monsters was based on, and the media circus that surrounded it.

Mazes and Monsters‘ – Rona Jaffe – it’s not better in print.



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Mazes and Monsters

Today, we pair up with Jordan and Lindsey from Spooky Spouses to discuss Tom Hanks in his first major role in this anti-D&D movie, Mazes and Monsters! We discuss Dan’s trigger words, fresh kids, and how distracting hats can be (spoiler: very distracting).


Check out our friends on their podcast Spooky Spouses on the Scavengers Network! It’s a podcast about ghosts and stuff. One of our favorites!

Find our notes on research as well as some fun stories on our blog!

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Top Gun

We feel the need for speed with special guest David Hanna from Macintosh and Maud as we talk Top Gun! We go over topics like tongue-bumping, kids not buying enough records, and, of course, steamy, steamy volleyball scenes.


Check out David’s other podcasts, The Doghouse (about Riverdale) and Mac and Maud Haven’t Seen What?! (where they talk about movies)!


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Top Gun

I feel the need… The need… to not finish this quote. It’s another guest week!

Macintosh & Maud

This week we’re joined by Macintosh (David) of the Macintosh & Maud empire of podcasts. They host three different podcasts, and you should go listen to all of them!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.55.08 PM
Credit: Kate Beaton Hark! A Vagrant

Fop Gun? Yes- Kate Beaton also drew Top Gun in the style of 18th Century Aristocracy – go see it now.

It seems to Kate (Harlow) now that perhaps her misconceptions about how much beach volleyball was actually in Top Gun may be a direct influence of her love for Kate Beaton’s comics.


Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 10.01.44 PM
Hark! A Vagrant

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 10.02.09 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-20 at 10.02.01 PM

Hey- always credit artists! Kate Beaton is amazing and you should buy her books!

Also! Credit your sources!